End of Week 4

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So this is a little late but I lost 2 more pounds - down 13 total. This is great and all, but this lifestyle change is starting to be the pits. I've said this a thousand times, but I really miss cheese! And I miss lots of other things that got me where I am and I have found myself focusing more on the negatives... the things I feel deprived of, and how much this sucks. That is going to stop. Instead, I will focus on what I am gaining from this phase of my weight loss. So.... some positive things that happened this week....

1) I got into 1 pair of jeans and 2 shirts I haven't been able to wear in a long time.
2) I had a friend notice that I've lost weight
3) I walked up the stairs at work without much effort (just one month ago I got so winded from taking the stairs - it was ridiculous)
4) I still lost 2 pounds despite my TOM.

Coming up - a long weekend in upstate NY for a family wedding. I will be at the mercy of what is served at the rehearsal dinner and wedding buffet. BUFFET. Lord, give me strength to stay focused, this time on the positives!

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Hey there, I just got on this thing to start posting. I am looking like a slacker. Here I used to be at my Lifetime WW weight and now I can't even get on a scale! I know what you mean about cheese...Sonic jalapeno cheddar peppers are such a temptation, but I justify it by getting my milk, protein and veggies in one yummy serving. Not!
I am proud of you for making such efforts. It really does pay off and you will notice the physical feelings with the weight loss. I have noticed my feet hurting again with the gain. It is only 10 lbs, but what a difference it makes on the feet! I guess my frame wasn't made for being over a certain weight.
I need to get back in the swing. It has been two years since Dad passed away and I am just now starting to feel the energy come back to me. Depression and emotions can be draining in so many ways, not to mention the stress from other family and finance concerns that were added on top of Dad's death. Some things in the past two years are a blur to me and that is not a good feeling. But now that I am coming out of this I think I will be okay and will get back on track.
It is good to have a support like this. I wonder if our other dear friends will join, as being fit and healthy is good for everyone no matter what your weight. I like the whole blogging thing, even if no one reads it, it gets the feelings out in an anonymous way. Keep up the good work ladies!
NYC when I turn 40! We'll walk the streets in high heels, but we'll be dressed nicely of course! Ha!

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