Here I go again...and (gulp) with little training

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So it's a week before the Trek Women's sprint triathlon in New York City. I had registered for the tri months ago and even begun the training season as a workout leader with my local group. It was all set to be a great year with a new tri and new goals...and then I got the word that a work conflict was to be held on the exact same day that I was to do the Trek tri.

Demoralized and despondent, I slowly let it sink in that this would be the first summer in 5 years in which I would not be doing a triathlon. Thinking to defer my entry for a year, and struggling with being a workout leader for a triathlon I wouldn't get to do, I slowly let my own training lapse and then disappear. Then I discovered that my work conflict had been rescheduled. Here I was with a Trek Triathlon registration, my USAT membership status covering my insurance, a free Sunday and little or no training for the season. I've decided to give it a go.

The is a women's specific sprint triathlon. The one which I'd registered for was in New York City and featured a 440 yard swim, a 9 mile bike ride and a 5k run. While I had not trained very much this season, I had completed a few in previous years. So do I try it or no?

I've decided to try the Trek Tri. I've got to get my fitness kicked up a notch and if I don't take this opportunity I'm afraid I'll suffer in the winter when training is much more difficult. So I'm doing's on September 13th. Wish me Luck ! 

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Catch us up! Want to hear all the details. AND I want to know how to start training for a tri.

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