Belly Fat is Deadly

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If you've even the slightest interest in fitness, health and dieting the chances are good that by now you've heard about "omentum." You have probably even seen Dr. Oz on Oprah showing the world what this . ( even did a podcast about omentum in 2006.) We all know that omentum isn't good but in a recent study it turns out that omentum can be deadly, especially in older Americans and even if you aren't considered overweight by any other standards.

(Read the full article on the article about belly fat .) According to the article cited, if a woman's waist is greater than 35 inches (40 inches for a man) are deemed to be at high risk for weight-related illness. The study focuses on the increasing risk as people age. My guess is that this increase in waist circumference is at least partly due to not using those abdominal muscles as much as younger people might.

So here's a reminder to engage your abdomen. You can use those muscles while climbing stairs, jogging and even just by using proper posture.

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If you read the referenced article and follow the link to, you'll learn that:

"Sit-ups help make your abdominal muscles stronger, but spot exercises alone won't specifically reduce belly fat. The best way to shrink your waist size is to lower your total body fat through healthy eating and exercise."

So you can engage your abdomen all you want, but it won't do much good about belly fat unless you exercise more and eat healthier.

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